Implementasi Kain Batik pada Desain Virtual Reality Fashion Tiga Dimensi Implementation of Batik Fabric In Three Dimensional Virtual Reality Fashion Design Section Articles


Okta Purnawirawan
Annisa Carina
Ratna Fajarwati, M


The garment, textile and fashion industry is one of the largest economic sectors in Indonesia, supported by the increasing public interest in domestic and foreign fashion products and the circulation of trends that are increasingly dynamic every year. The industry in the current digital era is growing rapidly. Therefore, in the process of making the design, the model is made digitally by utilizing information technology devices. The goal is for the efficiency and effectiveness of production in the garment, textile and fashion industries. CLO 3D application software is software that can create virtual reality fashion in three-dimensional form. Batik cloth can be applied to virtual reality fashion by using the software. This study uses a qualitative research methodology, data collection techniques using interviews and observation. The results show that using the CLO 3D application software can create various types of virtual reality fashion designs. The software provides a real picture of how patterns are made in two dimensions and three dimensions and implements batik cloth on fashion models.


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